Number of police forces in Armenia higher than officially announced

The number of police forces in Armenia is higher than officially announced, APA reports citing the Armenian website "The number of police in Armenia in proportion to that of the population is twice as many compared to neighboring countries. The primary duty of Armenian police is to prevent any action against the government," the source says. According to the source, the Armenian government cares little about the protection of state border. "It is proven by tha fact that military servicemen are in such poor condition. The government allocates funds for the areas suiting its interests. Their job is to protect their posts. For this reason, the government counts on the "police team" of police chief Vladimir Gasparyan, known as "Vova." The main enemy of Armenia is not Azerbaijan but its own citizens. Their worst fear is possible protests by Armenian citizens. According to the information, the Armenian volunteers who went to the front lines when the four-day war broke out in early April solve their problems at the expense of food products sent from their homes. "In fact, the army has to be sustained at public expenses rather than at the expense of amounts given by citizens and some organizations. Another problem is the granting of the status of extended servicemen to volunteers who are on the front lines. Currently, their salary is 150,000 drams (469 manats)," said the source. News.Az